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University of Waterloo, Myant, Celestica,  and Ur-Can joins Microbonds in ReMAP 2.0 Project to disrupt the textile industry with silver-infused wearable tech

June 4, 2019

University of Waterloo, Celestica, Engage Biometrics, and Juniper joins Microbonds in ReMAP M4 Project to develop silver-infused nanomaterials for eletrically conductive adhesives

January 9, 2018

Our Evolution

Incorporated in 1996, Microbonds Inc. is a pioneer in advanced material science and nanotechnology coatings, initially for the semiconductor packaging and microchip industries. Microbonds proprietary chemistry invention was a key to their breakthrough in creating X-Wire™ Technology, a first in the semiconductor industry. Microbonds has expanded its applied materials research to develop unique surface coating technologies including organometallic conductive and antimicrobial treatments to address the emerging manufacturing and health challenges for a broad range of global industries and applications.

Below briefly illustrates the path of Microbonds' technology and product inceptions throughout the years:

Let's Create the Future Together

Some Future Endeavours On Our Road Map Include: 
- Topical Creams, Ingestibles, Water Treatment, Healthcare Sanitation Agents and Tools

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